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Natural Language Processing
Does BDB Infrastructure support natural language processing??
(05-13-2019, 11:24 AM)aparna.singh Wrote: Does BDB Infrastructure support natural language processing??

BDB Platform support AI Based search, which supports natural language. It makes accessing BI content extremely easy for a Business User and End User. The responsive Search interprets human languages through computational linguistics to analyze the data and give appropriate outcomes. 
NLP based AI-based voice assistance on mobile devices lets you drill deeper into your data and create a complete visual report. This NLP feature is embedded with data visualization modules ( Business Story) so that a user can easily search data query in human language and get instant data insights.
BDB's NLP is also enabled in BDB's native apps for iOS & Android where user can dig heaps of data just by a voice-based query. one can speak query to the app and generate appropriate data insights. 
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