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Security of data
Does BDB platform assure high level of security of data?
(05-13-2019, 11:11 AM)aparna.singh Wrote: Does BDB platform assure high level of security of data?

BDB ETL is a drag and drop based secure yet self-driven module for Data Wrangling. It seamlessly pulls, cleanses, transforms and load data from diverse and prominent data sources like MySQL, CSV, Excel, etc. without any previous ETL or SQL skills.
BDB ETL lets you visually inspect your data flow in a flow chart. You can configure actions, schedule ETL workflows, and preview result. BDB ETL empowers all skill level users to extract and transform data easily by enforcing data quality and consistency standards, merging various data sources and store quality data output in a data lake, RDBMS, Elastic, etc.
Platform provides 3 level security matrix , Permissions -> Roles ->User Profiles. This can be configured and customized by the system administrator at the time of implementation. Facility to easily re-configure this is provided in the administrative module.

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