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How to publish Dashboard?
Dashboards need to be published for end-users to access them. 

This section explains the steps to publish dashboards:-

 i) Click the ‘Manage’ option on the Designer homepage.
 ii) Select and click on a workspace from the list of Workspaces. 
 iii) Select a Dashboard from the list of the saved dashboards under the selected workspace. 
 iv) Click the ‘Publish to Portal’ icon. 
 v) The ‘Publish’ dialog box appears to assure the action with the dashboard name and description. 
 vi) The user needs to specify a user or user group using the following options:
        i. USER LIST: To select a user or multiple users by using a checkmark in the box   
        ii. USER GROUPS: To select a user group or multiple user groups by using a checkmark in the box 
        iii. EXCLUDE USER: To exclude a user or multiple users by using a checkmark in the box 
 vii) Click the ‘Publish’ option.
 viii) Two success messages appear to assure the completion of the action.

* After the all steps we should check my documents to ensure that our dashboard is published or not & Enter into Properties the Dashboard link will be generated to send desired ones ..

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