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BDB Lite Installation Video
BDB Lite is a mini version of BDB visualization solution which can be installed on a standalone 64 Bit Windows machine. Users can do dashboard creations using RDBMS connectors, Mini Data store creations (5Lakh to 10 lakh) for visualizing into a business story and also can use BDB search over the created data stores.

  • JDK 8 or Higher (64 Bit)
  • Windows 64 bit OS (Windows 7 or higher)
  • Min. 4 Core CPU
  • Min. 8 GB Ram
  • Min 15 GB free space in C drive (If you have more free space in the system drive, the launch time of the software will be better)
  • Internet connectivity is required for BDB Lite during Installation. make sure you are connected to the web during installation.
  • Internet connectivity is not required for relaunching the app once it is installed. 
  • Internet will be required only if you are connecting to any external data sources for dataset or datastore creations. Once data store is created it won't need the internet to create business stories on top of the created store, as the data is already in the embedded elastic server running in your machine.

Note:- The launch time of BDB Lite is dependant on the resource availability on the machine, basically the RAM, CPU and the free space in the system drive (C drive). The starting process of BDB Lite includes starting up Tomcat services, Karaf, AMQ, Python, Elastic etc, which needs some free resources. Once BDB lite services/process are completely up in your machine, it will launch the login window into your default browser.

Current BDB lite version available for you doesn't need the Java home variable creation mentioned in the above installation video. The application will autodetect the java path in your machine and will create the environment variable itself. Updated installation video will be posted soon.

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