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BDB Lite - Various paths to check application status
1. Once the installation process is complete and when we click on the shortcut icon of lite, the page comes up as shown in the below image and we need to click on start server to start  the lite.


2 . BDBLite Home Page URL :

After the server gets started it will be redirected to this URL and logs in with the credentials passed during the first time installation.


Note : If user has closed the window by mistake, we can click on "Click Here To Login" to re-launch the application on browser. 

3. CXF-URL :


This URL let us know whether services are up or not, we can check available RESTful services.

Note: In Task Manager we can see processes running like nginx, python.


4. Checking Elastic Server indices:



Above is the BDBLite Elastic URL where we can find datastore indices, count of data written into elastic, indices version etc.



This URL displays the data in JSON format in elastic for the respective index. We need to pass the corresponding datastore index to validate data in elastic.

5.AMQ :


whenever we create/refresh datastore then in this url we can see request sent to AMQ and one count will be increased in  “Messages Enqueued” column of “bizvizmq” Queue. Once the refresh process is completed then count will be increased in “Messages Dequeued” ie, data will be written into the elastic once it gets moved from enqueue to deque.


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