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Different types of Maps supported by Geospatial analysis
What are different types of maps that can be integrated with Geospatial analysis module? 
Dashboard designer have SVG and Leaflet map available in the shelf to use in dashboard
1. SVG maps: World map by countries, USA/ Canada/ India/ Australia map by states Europe, Asia, Middle East and Asia Pacific maps by countries are available to consume in dashboard. Map for any country can be added easily on basis of client request. These map needs information of Country/ State name and a numeric data to shade the area on the map.
2. Leaflet maps: Available types are mentioned below:
a. Marker: Put a marker on given Latitude and Longitude, marker color can be configured by various color ranges.
b. Polygon: a geo-JSON file is required to draw outline for regions which have region-Id for each block. region can be filled with gradient or solid color based on the data value for the region.
c. Line: Latitude and Longitude for Start and Stop location are required to draw a line in between those points, color of lines can be configured based on the data values.
d. Cluster: Show aggregated count of number of markers in particular region. Zoom-into the map for detailed information of marker placement. color of markers can be configured based on avg of aggregated markers.
Release 4.5:
Leaflet maps have another option 'Trail', which can be used to display Movement Trail on the map.
It shows a marker on starting and stopping coordinate, and connect both points with a line.

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