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NLQ- BDB Desktop
NLP upgrades further in BDB 3.6 version & it's AI Enabled Search which gives Visualisation on the fly. It further encompasses all software which interprets or produces human language, in either spoken or written form. BDB’s NLQ helps Business Users or Self Service BI Users to extract pearls of wisdom hidden in a large volume of data through the power of Elastic Search, Machine Learning, and core Algorithms. It has the capability to add “Synonyms” and make user query a child’s play. NLP applications can combine different aspects of NLP.  

For example, speech-to-speech applications, such as Apple’s Siri and other intelligent personal assistants, use BDB NLP/NLQ. Please see our Video on NLP on Mobile to see its integration with Apple Siri and other voice platforms.

This video shows How NLQ (Natural Language Query) Works in BDB Business Story


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