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Conversational Analytics in BDB Mobile
This video walks you through BDB's voice based billing. It is a custom solution which takes billing and generating invoice to the next level, by utilizing innovative AI based search to add units to cart in an intuitive manner.

Our analysts walk you through the latest natural language querying provided in BDB's self-service BI Tool. This comprehensive feature accelerates daily decision making for Business users by allowing them to ask questions about their data. Our NLP based AI driven voice assistance lets you drill deeper into your data and create a complete visual report without even using your fingers. Users can even customize the search to reflect jargon of their organization via adding 'Synonyms' to the data search library. BDB's NLP service is available on iOS, Android, and the web allowing you to connect to your data from anywhere.

This is an introductory video on how to use NLQ in BDB Mobile App. 


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